Religious Education

Religious Education

Saint Bridget’s Religious Education Program is available to assist parents in presenting the Catholic faith to their children.

Program Objectives:

1. To provide religious education opportunities
for students in kindergarten - grade 8 who do not
attend Catholic School.

2. To assist Parents as they promote Catholic
attitudes, values, and practices to their children.

3. To provide opportunities and preparation for
the reception and celebration of the Sacraments.

4. To allow parents the opportunity to be active
participants in the faith lives of their children.

Program Prerequisites:

1. Family must be a registered, contributing member of St. Bridget’s parish.

2. Each child must be registered before entering the class.

3. Parents must provide documentation of any Sacraments the student has already received.

4. Children must attend Mass as part of their commitment to our faith and
the religious education program.

Parochial School Students:

Students attending Catholic School receive their Sacraments in their home parish. These students must register and attend preparation classes during
the year they are to receive the Sacrament (First Communion or Confirmation).

Class Times:

Religious Education classes for Kindergarten - Confirmation classes are held at 9:45 AM on Sunday mornings.


Tuition for the first child in a family is $150, and $25 for each and additional sibling. For those students receiving sacraments of First communion /First Reconciliation there is an additional $50 sacrament fee, Confirmation students have a $100 sacrament fee to cover cost of robe rental and retreat.

Please register as soon as possible to enable us to order textbooks and supplies. Please contact our DRE, Magdalene Jeffers at  or call 203.357.8157 with any questions.


Click picture to download registration form  or calendar for 2019-20 school year

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 Please note the Registration Form is two pages, both pages must be completed and returned to the Religious Education Office